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What can Life Coaching help with?

Life Coaching can be effective for:

  • finding purpose

  • taking that next step

  • clarifying goals 

  • building motivation and momentum 

  • uncovering existing strengths and wisdom

  • building practical plans for real change

  • gaining communication skills useful at work and home

  • growing confidence

What's the difference between Life Coaching and Counselling?

Good question! They’re closely related, and both are umbrella terms that include lots of different schools of thought/theories/modalities as well.

A quick overview is:

  • Life Coaching helps you tune into what you really want for your life, grow in confidence, and supports you in taking achievable steps to your goals and dreams.

  • Counselling helps you get unstuck from negative emotional, thinking or behaviour patterns so you can feel your best and get on with the life you want to live. 

Over the years of both personal and professional experiences, we’ve found offering a base of both gets the best results for our clients. This broader approach and understanding allows us to tailor our work to suit you.

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