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Curious about online counselling, online life coaching, or online couples' therapy?

Easy. Private. Pajama pants and pets welcome…

It’s not always simple to fit counselling or life coaching sessions into your week, so we’ve made it easier for you to prioritise your wellbeing & relationships with Flow’s live online sessions.

Whether you need to stay at home with the kids, are stuck at the office, or just want to save time and money in transport and parking, online sessions are a great solution.

We welcome you however you can turn up – we have clients who jump on Zoom from the middle of construction sites, corporate meeting rooms, lounges with babies playing in the background, parked cars, and far-flung locations including Thailand, Norway, and even exotic Auckland and Christchurch 😉


Does online counselling or life coaching work as well as in-person?

The research shows that online counselling and life coaching is just as effective as in-person sessions, with the added benefits of low-stress access and the comfort of your own space.

We encourage you to give online counselling or coaching a go, even if you have some reservations. 

Many of our online clients were unsure about their first session but found that after a few minutes they didn’t even notice they were on a video call and got just as much from our Zoom sessions.  


We want online relationship counselling – do we have to be in the same location?

For online couples sessions you can be in the same location, or separate. Whatever works for your situation is absolutely fine.


What do I need to be able to have an online counselling or life coaching session?

You will need a computer or phone with a stable internet connection and a free Zoom account. You don’t need any fancy audio gear, but some people do prefer using headphones.

Camera shy? No problem: you are welcome to have sessions with the camera off, or even choose a phone session instead. 

You can find times that work for you on our calendars and easily book online here.  

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