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Experienced Life Coaches & Counsellors who care

Do you want to feel happier and stronger, resolve relationship issues or find a way through your current challenges? If so, you're in the right place.

Mary and Tamsyn offer experienced life coaching, counselling and couples counselling services in Wellington and Lower Hutt and across the country via phone and online (Zoom).

We are passionate about people's wellbeing and are here to help you. We use practical, evidence-based therapies and tools to help you get the changes you want in your life or relationship.

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​Can you relate to any of these?​

  • ongoing stress

  • big life changes/decisions

  • anxiety that's impacting your life

  • relationship problems

  • you've felt low for more than a few weeks

  • you feel stuck in a rut & don't know how to move forwards

  • noisy inner critic/perfectionist

  • low self esteem

  • you avoid conflict

  • you're always keeping everyone else happy

  • living in overdrive and feeling burnt out

  • going through separation/loss

  • workplace issues

  • your life feels out of balance

  • you have difficulty saying "no"

  • your job's not really "you"

  • LGBT issues

  • family stress

  • feeling isolated and lonely

  • people take advantage/bully you

  • you keep having the same issues over and over

Any of these factors can impact our well-being and lead to anxiety, stress and even depression.

We can support you through your challenges and help you take the next steps to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

How do sessions work? 

Sessions offer a confidential space for you to talk. You may gain fresh insights, heal or grow, or gain clarity and direction. You can also learn practical tools that allow you to break free of patterns that may be keeping you stuck so you can live a happier, more balanced life and strengthen your relationships.

Mary works with clients in the Wellington CBD office, while Tamsyn covers the Hutt. We also work independently with clients on ZOOM around New Zealand.

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We offer experience in:

  • neutral listening and support

  • ​stress management

  • self esteem & confidence

  • anxiety

  • coping with life changes

  • couples therapy

  • motivation & life direction

  • depression

  • communication skills

  • separation counselling

  • self acceptance

  • life balance

  • taking good care of you - your energy, wellbeing, sleep etc.

What's the difference between Life Coaching and Counselling?

Good question! They're closely related, and both are umbrella terms that include lots of different schools of thought/theories/modalities as well.

A quick overview is:

  • Life Coaching helps you tune into what you really want for your life, grow in confidence, and supports you in taking achievable steps to your goals and dreams.

  • Counselling helps you get unstuck from negative emotional, thinking or behaviour patterns so you can feel your best and get on with the life you want to live. 

Over the years of both personal and professional experiences, we've found offering a base of both gets the best results for our clients. This broader approach and understanding allows us to tailor our work to suit you - not try and shoe-horn you into a one-size-fits-all system.

Check out our respective About pages to learn more about the modalities we work with.

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