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How does relationship counselling work?

Relationship counselling (sometimes referred to as “couples counselling”, “marriage counselling”, “couples therapy” or “relationship therapy”) at Flow is an opportunity to make HUGE changes in your home and relationship together.

In relationship counselling we welcome both partners, and respect and appreciate that a first session can be daunting. We offer a moderated and supportive environment where both sides can be heard, and we work together to uncover deeper understandings of yourself and each other.

If you or your partner are male and not sure about this sort of thing, check out our FAQ for guys considering counselling or coaching

During sessions we explore negative patterns, challenges and road-blocks in the relationship, and give you practical communication and connection tools to use in session and in daily life to be happier and healthier.

What can couples counselling help with?

These are some of the challenges couples counselling can help with:

  • wanting to reconnect and get the spark back

  • struggling to deal with conflicts in a healthy way

  • stuck in a pattern of misunderstandings – can’t communicate

  • traumas or destabilising events including infidelity

  • feeling like flatmates

  • questioning whether it’s best (or even possible) to stay in the relationship

If you take one thing from your visit to our site:

Please don’t find yourself saying “I left it too late…”

It is way too common for people lose a potentially wonderful relationship because they don’t reach out for help in time.

We’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of couples, coming to us at all different stages – from “we want to make sure we have good communication skills for when things might crop up” to “I don’t think there’s any chance we can fix this, we’re on our way to the divorce lawyer” – and we just want to say there is always hope!

Almost every couple we see has the potential and strength to build something great between them, and they often discover that they are just one conversation away from rekindling hope and possibility.

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