Finding the right 'fit' in a coach or counsellor is essential - studies show that you get the best results when you work with someone you connect with and trust. This is known as the "therapeutic alliance" and it can move mountains! 

Read on to see a sample of what other clients have to say about their experience with us (you can also see this feedback and more 5 star reviews for Mary & Tamsyn on our Google pages).

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Testimonials for Tamsyn

Words cannot describe the impact that Tamsyn has had on my life.


Her thoughtful, kind and humorous approach has helped me to make small yet powerful shifts in my thinking.

- Lisa Preston

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Mary is one of the best! I've been to many counsellors over the years but Mary has been the one that has been the best by far.

Her interactions are so human and not only does she listen but also gives you strategies to help long term. The techniques Mary has shared with me in our sessions I use everyday and its improved my day to day so much.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a counsellor that they can connect with.

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