Here at Flow Life Coaching & Counselling we’re all about helping clients make real, lasting change - change you can see when you look in the mirror, or look around you at your life.


Whether you want to improve your relationships, your career, personal goals or simply your happiness in daily life, I’m here to help.


I’m passionate about helping people individually and in couples build confidence in themselves and their futures to move forward.

Some clients feel stuck, not knowing what they want next that will help them feel fulfilled - others know what they want, but the steps to getting that are daunting or unclear.

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My Background

I’ve long been fascinated by human behaviour and success, mental health, communication and learning how we can flourish. In my previous career as a business coach I loved helping my clients’ businesses succeed, but it was seeing their personal transformations as we worked together that was the most rewarding.

This led me to study transformative life coaching (an ‘inside-out’ approach for active, lasting change) and earn an ICF-accredited Certificate in Life Coaching, as well as a Diploma in Counselling and Psychology. I've found a multi-disciplinary approach the most beneficial for my clients - different tools suit different people, and situations. To support this I've also studied Cognitive Behavioural Therapy under its founders (Aaron and Judith Beck of the Beck Institute) and Emotionally-Focused Therapy under its founder Sue Johnston. 

Outside of my work at Flow I'm assisting a neuroscientist to develop an industry-leading resilience and mental health support program, I continue professional development and bake mediocre cakes!

How I Work

I offer a process tailored to you and what you want to achieve in each session. I employ a balance of facilitating untapped insights and offering real-world tools to best help my clients move forward.  We work together to uncover obstacles, discover strengths, create action plans, and utilise techniques for real change.

With couples I provide a mediated space to help you communicate and better understand each other and yourselves. Our sessions focus on gaining new perspective, building new futures and learning communication skills that will serve you for the rest of your lives.

Time and again I've seen and experienced the importance of the relationship between therapist and client to make the best difference for them.  I offer an environment and discussion that is trust-based, positive and human - professionalism in this work doesn’t have to be awkward or impersonal!

Challenges I Can Help With

Clients see me for a variety of reasons, including:

  • building self-esteem & confidence

  • managing stress & anxiety

  • improving relationships

  • feeling fulfilled

  • learning communication skills

  • finding life balance

  • deciding on direction

  • getting ‘unstuck’

  • advancing careers

  • work challenges

  • making decisions

  • experiencing more joy in life

  • goal planning

  • pitch coaching

  • finding purpose

Ready to get started?

I work via phone, online (Zoom) and out of our peaceful Lower Hutt office.  You can book online or get in touch with any questions.  I look forward to helping you live the life you want!