Issues We Can Help With

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Anxiety & Stress

  • anxiety is limiting you in your life 

  • difficulty dealing with conflict

  • stressed and exhausted

  • living in overdrive and feeling burnt-out

  • feeling overwhelmed by family & work pressures

  • always keeping everyone else happy - it's hard to say "no"

  • stuck in a rut & don't know how to move forwards

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Relationship Challenges

  • difficulty communicating with your partner 

  • not being able to get past painful experiences 

  • feeling like "flat-mates", lost the spark

  • infidelity

  • going through a breakup

  • building strong, healthy relationships

  • intimacy issues


See more about relationship counselling here.​

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Feeling Low

  • feeling flat, low energy

  • struggle to get things done

  • a noisy inner critic/perfectionist

  • low self esteem, low confidence

  • experiencing depression

  • feeling isolated 

Can you relate to... 

Purpose & Career Challenges

  • burn-out

  • workplace issues

  • life feels out of balance

  • never shut off - always taking work-stress home

  • my job's not really "me"

  • want something more meaningful​​

Any of the above factors can impact our well-being, harm our mental and physical health, and limit our life experiences.

We can support you through your challenges and help you take the next steps to a more balanced and fulfilling life.


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