5 Tips to Keep Mums Sane

5 Tips to Keep Mums Sane

Being a mum is without doubt one of the hardest jobs, and in this age of the “have it all woman” the pressure and drive for perfection is crazy. You’ve got to raise kids (a full time job on it’s own), pursue a career, be an organisational guru, take care of household chores, answer to […]

Why being overly caring can be dangerous

As women (and less often men) we are brought up to be kind and caring. It makes sense right? It goes with the role of a mother we may one day become. We’re taught to put others first – putting ourselves last is often considered something to feel proud of. Don’t ask for too much […]

Your practical guide to beating depression – from someone who’s been there.

If you’ve googled how to beat depression, chances are you’ve come across some good suggestions – eat a healthy diet, exercise, manage your sleep well, keep routines, take omega 3’s, manage stress etc. etc. If you’re experiencing low grade depression and functioning pretty well in daily life this is helpful advice. For many people though, […]