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How can counselling help?

Counselling​ sessions offer a confidential space for you to talk and be heard. It’s an opportunity to share what’s going on for you with a supportive, non-judgemental professional.

Through our discussions you can:

  • ‘lighten the load’ of keeping things to yourself

  • uncover fresh insights and understanding

  • heal or grow

  • gain clarity and direction

  • learn practical tools to use in daily life

These allow you to break free of patterns and barriers keeping you stuck so you can live a happier, more balanced life and strengthen your relationships.

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Counselling modalities we use

There are lots of different types of counselling out there that use different approaches to help. These are the ones we’ve found most effective to help clients get results and hence have studied further.
Rogerian (Person-Centred) Therapy
This is the classic core school of modern counselling, with a base in helping people share fully, and identify and utilise their existing strengths for the changes they want to make.
CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
Pioneered by Dr Sue Johnston, EFT is the other most scientifically studied and proven approach available. It’s perhaps most famous for use in couples’ therapy, but is just as powerful for individuals.
Based on Attachment Science, EFT focuses on what’s behind those problems and challenges we just can’t seem to shake. It looks at the core emotional roots of toxic patterns in our relationships and thinking, and works to heal those parts of us deep down to give us a foundation of confidence and connection.

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